Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Started

I want to live a long and happy life. I have found out that the most effective motivator to avoid bad habits and sustain healthy habits is to always keep in mind that I am changing my life to benefit my family and myself. Experts say you can find the motivation to stay healthy by making a list of the 3 most important people in your life. Then, you have to tell them that you are going to start making small changes in your habits in order to live healthy. Ask them also for encouragement, and let them know that you want to be healthy because you want to take care of them and be there for them. 

It is also a good idea to encourage your loved ones to change with you. While it is hard to force anybody to change, you can set dates with your family members or friends to take walks habitually, or minimize on drinking alcohol or smoking. Asking others to join you in changing your lifestyle gives you more sense of motivation and accountability; knowing that other people expect you to do something, you will unlikely to let them down.

Another effective motivator is surrounding yourself with positive things. Find motivational images, music, sounds, and atmosphere. Recognize that there are many other people who are also having difficulties in changing their lifestyle choices. When you watch television, try to view programs featuring health and issues related to health. Make some reminders and affirmations about why you want to be healthy in the areas where you slip up. So if you usually head straight for fast food after school or work, keep a written note about staying away from fast food that you can see on your dashboard. Immerse yourself to self-help audio books and CDs that encourage healthy lifestyle. 

Possibly the most important part of getting motivated to change your lifestyle is to set goals that are realistic. If you want to lose weight the process takes time and it is impossible to lose 20 pounds in just two days. Your goals should be reasonable and you need to create a plan or strategy to achieve them over a certain period of time.

Remember that the goals that are the most motivating are personalized and start within you. Whatever that is, it is always a good place to start. However, hitting hard without groundwork will leave you feeling tired and burnt out. So take it easy when you start and make steady improvements over a few months.